Marta Karkosa is a multimedia artist working in the field of mixed media, social documentary photography and portrait photography. She aims to showcase stories that speak to the role of women in society and that question the power of judgement of the incumbent patriarchy.

Her practice is based on her own research- observations of society and the situation of women. Her projects are self-initiated. Her photography is a natural collaboration with people, for whom she creates a safe space to tell their own story.

Her work talks about the themes of female body acceptance in a patriarchal society, eating disorders, gender inequality, women's rights, reproductive rights. In her photographs, she explores the relationship between man and his body and documents it’s true image. She appreciaties its structure, shape and material. She is looking for imperfections, naturalness, authenticity and the most interesting form that represents human individuality.

She photographs women from Poland and shows their attitude towards their bodies, how society perceives them and overall what rights women have in this country.

Women Body Acceptance is her original project, which she has been working on regularly for two years on the topic of normalizing the image of the female body in society and broadening the perspective of female beauty.

Now she is starting a new series, linking to the above project, which will talk about the increasly drastic women’s abortion situation in Poland. She aims to outline what it really looks like.

+48 663 363 940

Prizes and awards:

2023 Finalist PHOTOBOOK AWARD Encontros da Imagem International Photography & Visual Arts Festival, Braga, Portugal
2022 Honorable mention “Photography Books That Made Us See Differently in 2022” The Luupe, New York, USA

Solo exhibitions:

(September) 2023 Acceptance, Tres Bien Gallery, Warsaw
2023 RECOVERY, Stacja Praga, Warsaw
2019 Piękno / Beauty, Francuska 32, Warsaw

Group exhibitions:

(October) 2023 REA Art Fair, Milan
(September) 2023 Encontros da Imagem - International Photography & Visual Arts Festival, group exhibition, Braga, Portugal
2023 Performing Photobook, Format International Photography Festival, Derby, UK
2023 LCB Depot Film, Leicester, UK
2022 Czarnoziem, video collaboration with Alisa Marchenko, Galeria Dim, Warsaw
2021 Body is like grassvideo collaboration with Alisa Marchenko, HUB/ART, Milan
2018 Consume, TYPE UNITE, Seoul, South Korea