Tres Bien Gallery, ul. Poznańska 15, Warsaw
Curator: Alissa Marchenko

We are currently living in a fascinating historical period in which the paradigm of human relations is undergoing a visible transformation. Strengthened by knowledge of psychology and neuroscience, we are learning to build a dialogue with others, while being mindful of boundaries and our feelings. In turn, starting this dialogue begins with balancing the monologue (or dialogue with ourselves), the inner stream of consciousness in which we flow every day. What words do we choose to speak to ourselves, particularly in relation to our bodies? This has a direct impact on what we hear when others voice their opinions.

Marta Karkosa is a young woman who, on her life journey bearing a camera in her hand, thoroughly explores her female existence in the everyday realities of modern times. She tries to find herself in the whirlwind of conflicting beliefs, stigmatization, objectification, taboos and struggle for rights. She is not alone in this, as many of us can identify with her. Having a female body comes with great responsibility.

Contrary to the superficial standards imposed by the media, Karkosa sees the female body as an amazing phenomenon, holding extraordinary power. Her admiration of this power allows her to see beauty in every body. The canonization of the figure in this context seems nonsensical, and judging it becomes illogical. Nevertheless, talking to women of different ages, Karkosa discovers that this judgment is still present. We judge our bodies, which makes us sensitive to others' opinions on the subject. Apparently, the need for acceptance and the desire to achieve it remains apparent. Intrigued by this tendency, the artist focuses on her personal relationship with her own body, creating a series of self-portraits.

The exhibition ACCEPTANCE is the result of this entire journey and at the same time its continuation.

Alisa Marchenko