(2020 - now)

Women Body Acceptance  is a project through which I normalize the image of the female body in Polish society, expand the concept of the canon of female beauty and show the exclusion of women due to their appearance. Based on my own experiences, I examine the impact of growing up in a patriarchal, Catholic society, where women’s rights are violeted and where the classic role of a woman is strictly defined and promoted, on the perception of oneself as a woman. I show how the natural body collides with the vision created by pop culture, including social media. I explore the limits of shame and stigmatization of the female body, while trying to fight the ubiquitous tendency to objectify women.

In addition to photos, I make interviews with women who tell their story. I want women to open up to their bodies through conversations and photos and not be ashamed of their appearance. By this project I pledge to explore the subject of women’s body acceptance through discussion and action.  

Website of the project: www.womenbodyacceptance.com / @women.body.acceptance